Our Team

I moved to the Philippines in December 2011 after traveling around the world for almost 2 years and changed my hobby scuba diving into my new profession
when I took a job offer as an instructor in Boracay. Before that I worked 10 years for PwC as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Boracay was also the place where I met my wife which eventually led to my move to Manila in 2014. That’s where I first became aware of the Swiss Club,
thanks to the embassy. I love to travel and try to explore as much as possible in the Philippines and abroad and try to squeeze in scuba diving whenever possible. Lately I also started to work on my golf handicap which
still has a lot of room for improvement.

Since 2016 I’m a full time Dad and I also became more active in the Swiss
Club where I joined the board in 2018 as a treasurer and became president in 2019 and serving since. I hope to continue the positive efforts of the previous presidents to provide the Swiss community with plenty of social
activities for the members to actively participate and keep the Swiss spirit alive.

Welcome to our Swiss Club.

I decided to leave Switzerland in 2013 for a world tour but got stuck in the beautiful pacific island paradise the Philippines. As a former Kuoni Travel Agent with over 20 years in the Business I am running the Swiss/German Travel Agency Kirschner Asia here. Besides working a lot, I do enjoy discovering new destinations, enjoy different foods, walk with our dog, play badminton and Jass with my fellow Swiss.

Welcome to our Swiss Club
Since 1995, I have been traveling back and forth to the
Philippines with my Filipino family to bond with my two adopted Phil children.
After a long world wide business career, I am now retired and reside in the Phil-paradise Boracay Island as well as in Manila.
Hi everyone! Delighted to meet you all.
I am Managing Partner for Parallel Tanauan, Brand Development Partner for Origine PH, and Owner of Shenanigans Shenanigans.

 I am an MBA candidate at Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne,  WSET London Level 3 candidate, and Co-Chair of Education Heroes for Mano Amiga Philippines.

 Married to Geronimo Begre and a mother to 3, we spend our days together mostly outdoors and are all very much looking forward to getting to know the Swiss Community here in Manila through the Swiss Club of the Philippines.

On 23 July 2021, I was transferred from Guangzhou (China) to the Embassy of Switzerland in Manila together with my husband. As the representative of the
Embassy of Switzerland in Manila, I am an ex officio member of the Swiss Club Manila. To balance my work, I love cooking and baking and together with my partner, we enjoy to discover the beauty of the Philippines whenever we have time.
I have been working for Swiss Club since May 1997, initially as accountant. My role expanded to include secretariat in 2006.

I have over 30 years of experience in audit, accounting and taxation in various industries. After obtaining my CPA license, I joined a big four
accounting firm.

My husband, who I have met in a mountaineering club where I was a member of, and myself are both animal lovers. Our love for animals brings us to why we have 4 dogs in our yard and a cat in the house.

Decades ago, I took lessons in photography which is still a hobby of mine because through the lens the world looks different.

Lorenz Wuetrich, Lorenz has a passion for teaching

and he taught students in Switzerland in high school subjects such as accounting, economics, and IT. Lorenz spent some years in Australia where he became a holistic therapist based on training of the human mind, body, and spirit. Since his move to the Philippines he has beenteaching the German language. His interests include healthy living and sports. Most recently he has discovered a new passion for brewing beers and distilling brandies.

Born in Switzerland. Grew up and went to school in Oberlunkhofen and Zürich.
Married to Hans Brumann since 1969, they have lived since then in the Philippines. In 1986, I became a Filipino citizen.


Five years ago, I retired from work and have been trying since then to revive my golf game?!